From the mind that brought you “If you aren’t laughing at yourself, you’re the only one not laughing” comes a self-deprecating romp through the life of a urban single man in his 30’s living in the suburbs.  Most of this series was shared years ago.  I reread a few recently.  Made me laugh out loud.  Mission accomplished.  I wish the same for you.

The pages in this section may contain references to nudity, adult situations, adult language and humor.

Romeo y Julieta – October 29, 2014

Grown men and inner tubes – July 27, 2008

Voices inside my head – November 17, 2008

Demolition man – November 10, 2008

It’s Probably me – October 27, 2008

A good idea in theory – October 21, 2008

Their eloquence escapes you – October 30, 2008

Still know nothing ’bout me – September 24, 2008

I’ll be watching you – September 19, 2008

This was never meant to be – September 11, 2008

All would envy – August 27, 2008

The coffee counter culture – August 13, 2008

Does your mini-me have four legs? – June 22, 2008

Funny thing happened on the way to Red Rocks – July 21, 2008

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