a slightly slanted look at a life less ordinary.

Years ago people told me that I should write a book about the things that have happened to me in my life.  I’m not famous.  Not a celebrity.  Haven’t taken a company public or invented velcro.  I’m an ordinary guy living a life of unordinary circumstances.  But over time I started to realize that the roller coaster of life that we are all on is unique to each of us. As I shared my tales with others my thoughts on sharing these experiences changed from “Who would read it?” to “Who would believe it?”. So I started jotting things down when the moment struck me as a way to ‘prime the pump’. The act of putting pen to paper – even virtually – was and remains cathartic, cheaper than therapy, and funny as hell for me.

It seems to be working, though still in spurts rather than any actual flow. Regardless, I appear to be amusing people simply by sharing the days events.  I start out entertaining myself, and others are joining in. The more the merrier.  I hope a book to be forth coming.  Until then I humbly share this ever-growing collection of thoughts to those who might enjoy them and wish to do so.

It also bears mention on the onset of my literary loitering that I firmly believe in the difference between an opinion and a judgment.  I like to think I’m one of the least judgmental people around – but I have an opinion about most everything.  Truth be told, sometimes it’s more fun to adopt an unpopular opinion just to hear people defend their position, or in most cases, not so much.  For example: Religion, Politics, feminism – all topics for which people usually have strong opinions but rarely know why.  Besides, life’s reality is rarely comprised of black and white choices.  There is no pure good, no pure evil, merely perceptions of YOUR reality and how you choose to view it.

I have always believed that there are three sides to any story; Yours, Mine and the truth which lies somewhere in between.  It is in this gray area that most of my meanderings reside.  I have no formal training, no advanced education – hell, I’m not even well read – but I do tend to pick up some tidbits here and there.  This forum is my way of dropping a few off. I should also mention that I have no editor. While I may be fairly urbane – my spelling sucks, my typing is worse and the act of proofreading has always eluded me. You have my apologies.

Proceed with caution, enter at your own risk, take only as directed, etc, etc.

This is how the world looks through my eyes.  Your view may be different…


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